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May 16, 2016 · Category Self improvement

Git push guardian

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Recently I wondering how to improve my workflow with Git. I came across the Web and found some article which pointed on git hooks and were introduced in version 1.8.2.

That cool feature, allows to execute some code before/after some actions made in git. My team have ...

Mar 14, 2016 · Category Diary

Migrating blog content

Currently, I am in a phase of migrating my content from legacy Wordpress to Pelican. To finally complete this, I have to translate all content from Polish to English to reach further audience.

Unfortunately, at this moment I suffer for lack of free time. There are many posts to process ...

Feb 16, 2016 · Category How to

How to improve nginx setup on Mac OSX

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If you store all your configurations for nginx servers on your Mac into single file... you probably can do it better.

Take a look how to improve your server instances by separating it into folders, just like Apache handle with it by sites-enables and sites-available.

Default nginx installation did not ...

Nov 2, 2015 · Category How to

Install the latest nVidia drivers for Linux


And it's time that I had to face with reinstall of the Nvidia driver on my Mint 17 distribution.

There arises some problems with Nvidia proprietary drivers. As a pro Linux guy I pressed ctrl+alt+F1, and got a black screen with flashing cursor. YES! - I shouted immediately ...

Apr 6, 2015 · Modified at Jun 27, 2015 · Category Self improvement

Is worth to know the Vim Editor and why?

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This topic has been long on my mind but in the end I want to share with you with my reflections on the one of the earliest text editors, of course I talk about Vi/Vim.

I will also try to answer for a few important questions for those who ...

Oct 19, 2014 · Modified at Oct 19, 2014 · Category Self improvement

Thesis in LaTeX - part 2

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I assume, that at the moment of reading this second part of writing thesis in LaTeX, you have allready red the previous part: Thesis in LaTeX part 1 and install required software. If you do, then perfect carry on, but if not you should catch up.

I this part I ...

Oct 12, 2014 · Modified at Oct 12, 2014 · Category Self improvement

Thesis in LaTeX - part 1

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In one simple sentence, LaTeX it is an extension of TeX language, although TeX in real life is a collation of macros. This is not a official definition, rather some sort of visualization - but what it is actually, we will get later.

I say this all, because in this small ...

Aug 16, 2014 · Modified at Oct 1, 2015 · Category Discovery

Discover the Sublime Text 3 Beta

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Sublime is just amazing text editor. I've loved it since I've taste it. However its uniqueness and some advantage in contrast with other GUI editors that is versatility of usage and huge staff of plug-ins supports user experience.

It is also available with free trial version for many ...