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May 16, 2016 · Category Self improvement

Git push guardian

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Recently I wondering how to improve my workflow with Git. I came across the Web and found some article which pointed on git hooks and were introduced in version 1.8.2.

That cool feature, allows to execute some code before/after some actions made in git. My team have ...

Mar 14, 2016 · Category Diary

Migrating blog content

Currently, I am in a phase of migrating my content from legacy Wordpress to Pelican. To finally complete this, I have to translate all content from Polish to English to reach further audience.

Unfortunately, at this moment I suffer for lack of free time. There are many posts to process ...

Feb 16, 2016 · Category How to

How to improve nginx setup on Mac OSX

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If you store all your configurations for nginx servers on your Mac into single file... you probably can do it better.

Take a look how to improve your server instances by separating it into folders, just like Apache handle with it by sites-enables and sites-available.

Default nginx installation did not ...

Nov 2, 2015 · Category How to

Install the latest nVidia drivers for Linux


And it's time that I had to face with reinstall of the Nvidia driver on my Mint 17 distribution.

There arises some problems with Nvidia proprietary drivers. As a pro Linux guy I pressed ctrl+alt+F1, and got a black screen with flashing cursor. YES! - I shouted immediately ...

Apr 6, 2015 · Modified at Jul 4, 2016 · Category Self improvement

Is worth to know the Vim Editor and why?

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This topic has been long on my mind, but in the end I want to share with you with my reflections on the one of the earliest text editors. Yes, I am talking about Vi/Vim.

I will also try to answer for a few essential questions for those who ...

Apr 6, 2015 · Category Self improvement

Thesis in LaTeX - part 3

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In this article I will try to explain how to prepare front page for our thesis in LaTeX. I will also say something about good practices in writing and how to proper format the content into LaTeX files using the built-in commands. Furthermore I will show you how to use ...

Oct 19, 2014 · Category Self improvement

Thesis in LaTeX - part 2

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I assume, that at the moment of reading this second part of writing thesis in LaTeX, you have already red the previous part 1 and install required software. If you do, then perfect carry on, but if not you should catch up.

I this part I will try to make ...

Oct 12, 2014 · Category Self improvement

Thesis in LaTeX - part 1

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In one simple sentence, LaTeX it is an extension of TeX language, although TeX in real life is a collation of macros. This is not a official definition, rather some sort of visualization - but what it is actually, we will get later.

I say this all, because in this small ...